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Roof Mold

Believe it or not...Insurance policies being cancelled because of ROOF MOLD. Watch these videos.

Wow. Check this out. We are demonstrating one of our cleaners that KILLS the moss and removes the algae. 10 YEAR WARRANTY with this service. Watch and we will show you how it FOAMS up to remove the black stains. After we are finished the roof will look new. Only thing is left is the moss and make take a few months for it to disappear. Wind and rain will wash the moss off of the roof. All black stains are gone before we leave the job site. If you have ROOF MOLD give us a call at 931-337-4175 or Cookeville 931-284-4212. Visit our ROOF MOLD page at

Posted by Pressure Pro Power Washing on Tuesday, April 6, 2021
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